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Is Land for Sale in Meaford an Investment?

Some buyers wonder if buying a lot and hiring a builder is worth the extra work. Residential land development in Meaford offers some homeowners a unique opportunity to build the home of their dreams at a small discount to the market value. That discount is your compensation for time, risk, and effort that is required to manage the project. If you have a 50% down payment for a lot, and qualify for a builder’s loan, you may want to consider hiring a local craftsperson to create the home of your dreams.

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A Home Made Just For You

When you build, you can choose the style of your new home and all the interior finishings. Considering a log home for cozy winter nights? Or an ultra-modern modular with a sweeping view of the lake? Our local builders can create a home that is designed and finished to suit your tastes.

The benefits to being an owner-builder go beyond enjoying the ‘newness’ of a custom home. A new house has almost no maintenance for the first few years. And, all builders must offer a 10-year warranty on materials and workmanship. It’s also a good opportunity to lower energy costs with a structure that conforms to the latest standards or even the LEED standard of green building. Contact us today to receive information on building your new home in Grey County.

Building Lots and Land for Sale in Meaford

Land for sale in Meaford, Ontario includes a ranges of uses and zoning. Thinking of becoming an owner-builder? Contact Blue Mountain Property for assistance with planning and choosing the right lot for your project. We can assist with financing, contract negotiations, and due diligence. We offer individualized service with a flexible schedule that means highly responsive communication suited to your changing needs. Call us today for more information on buying land in the South Georgian Bay area.

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